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My Approach To Coaching

I used to have a long spiel right here about ‘my philosophy’. About how I coach athletes in a progressive and goal-orientated manner, integrating training principles used by elites for generations. I spoke at length about training modulation, recovery, specificity and periodisation. And about how all this will help you avoid injury and get faster. But the truth is I can’t absolutely guarantee that I can help you. I can’t make any grand promises as to whether you’ll improve or win some big race. I may not be the answer to all your woes. What I can promise you is I’ll do the best that I can.

I’m not hedging my bets or lacking confidence in myself. I consider myself pretty good at this coaching thing, but even so, I’ve failed many times. Sometimes with really talented runners. Human beings are complex. We all have our own deviations in physiology and psychology that throw spanners into even the best-laid plans!

However, what I can say with certainty is that every runner will benefit from having a coach. I am passionate about coaching. It’s not a hobby, it’s been my job for a long time now. Coaching is about guiding athletes in their development athletically and as people. Coaching is a giving process, and that means sharing a lifetime’s knowledge and experience of distance running. But  coaching is NOT about secret formulas, static training plans, or quick fixes. So if you don’t want to follow blindly a generic training program out of a book or generated by a computer, and would prefer something created just for you, then read on!

My Coaching Service

I’m a coach, I’m not a businessman. Coaching is not something you do, it something you ARE with every fibre of your being, there is no half measure, you must be all in. At any one time I coach a maximum of 15 athletes. Any more than that and I would be unable to provide the support that each athlete requires to achieve their goals.

I charge £100 per month, which is enough to pay the rent, put food on the table, and keep me in running shoes! The coaching service I provide is as in-depth and comprehensive as I am able to make it. For your £100 you will receive a personalised training program to suit your age, experience, motivations, limitations, and work and family commitments. I will take the uncertainty out of deciding when, where and how to train.

Your program will specify the precise training durations and intensities for each workout to take the guess-work out of training and ensure that some sessions are challenging, while others permit recovery. Your program will also be flexible and adaptable. Personal coaching is a two-way street – it is a partnership, not a dictatorship! You’ll provide me with feedback daily through a simple online training log. In turn, your feedback will allow me to make adaptations to your program as you progress through each training cycle. After all, the program you receive is not set in stone – it is a work in progress!

You will also receive full email and phone support. I will be available by text, phone or email on an unlimited basis to answer your questions, deal with any unforeseen circumstances, and provide all the help you need.

Finally, the service I provide is also holistic. I have come to realise that to improve your running, a balanced training program is just one piece of the puzzle. There are many other essential elements, including strength and conditioning and nutrition. I will give you guidance on these, along with advice on ‘cross-training’, injury resolution, fuelling for racing, and training at altitude. I will leave no stone unturned to give you all the support that you need.