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Why We Don’t Use Sweat Testing & Programmed Drinking At VO2max Coaching.

  No data is better than bad data! In running, the quality of decisions directly hinges on the validity and accuracy of the data on which those decisions are based. Inaccurate data doesn’t just lead us astray. It also distorts our understanding, creating flawed hypotheses and conclusions, leading to misguided strategies, ineffective solutions, or even harmful consequences. This is a huge problem because people will make wild conclusions from relatively … Continue reading

Why We Don’t Use TrainingPeaks At VO2max Coaching.

    “TrainingPeaks – We Make Coaching Easy” That’s their motto. Unfortunately the coaching of distance runners is not even close to being ‘easy’. Coaching always has been, and always will be, a craft. It takes many years of reading, study, practice, self-experimentation and mentoring to become an even moderately competent coach. And it takes at least a decade to earn the privilege to ask athletes to pay you money … Continue reading

The Giant of Provence – A Climb Like No Other

“It was a long day, the air fine. We enjoyed the advantages of vigour of mind and strength and agility of body, and everything else essential to those engaged in such an undertaking and so had no other difficulties to face than those of the region itself. We found an old shepherd in one of the mountain dales, who tried, at great length, to dissuade us from the ascent, saying … Continue reading

Enjoy The Beauty Of Hills

The seventh anniversary of my visit to India to compete in The Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race is fast approaching. In order to honour this virtually unknown gem of an event I thought now would be a good time to remind people that the race is, somewhat surprisingly, still going on and C.S. Pandey needs your support. I was commissioned to write the following article for a fair few publications, … Continue reading